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Groomy - A“must have” for every pet owner!

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Meet The Future of a Fur Free Home! Designed to remove and de-shed pesky fur from your furry friend, without making a mess. It's the #1 grooming solution! Simply attach it to your vacuum, brush your pet, and watch the fur vanish.

✓ Keeps Your Home Clean

Keeps your home free from pesky pet fur. The Groomy™️ controls your pets shedding, so your home stays clean and tidy. No more endless cleaning!

✓ No More Messy Brushing

Say goodbye to fur everywhere. The Groomys self-cleaning system sucks fur, dirt and debris straight into your vacuum. No fuss, no mess!

✓ Suitable For All Shedding Pets

Suits shedding pets with short, medium & long hair. Groomy™️ helps reduce the amount of hair shed, keeps your dog’s coat clean. One kit, all breeds!

✓ Easy Grooming & Save Time

Groom your pet in less than 5 minutes! Groomy™️ removes fur five times faster than regular brushes. It's the smart choice for quick and easy grooming. Professional grooming at home!


Are you tired of unwanted pet hair around your home? Brushes that leave fur flying everywhere? Allergies? Hair in your food, clothes or bed? It's time to invest in the Groomy™.

✔️ Keeps Your Home Clean
✔️ 5x Faster & Easy Grooming
✔️ No More Messy Brushing
✔️ De-Sheds & Improves Coat
✔️ Suitable For Short, Medium or Long Fur
✔️ Allergen Friendly
✔️ Professional Grooming At Home

The Groomy™ was designed by pet owners, for pet owners, to solve these exact issues. Great for all dog coats, long, medium or short haired.

Groomy - A“must have” for every pet owner!
Groomy - A“must have” for every pet owner! Sale price€49,99 Regular price€89,99