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Craft Pen™ - Portable engraving pen

Sale price€50,00

Unleash your creativity

Do you find yourself scrolling on your mobile far too often ?

Then you are not alone. Social media is designed to keep you hooked so you keep scrolling.

The result of this is that your creativity dies out , slowly but surely, and it just becomes harder and harder to find a hobby that you really enjoy .

With the CraftPen™, you can finally get your creativity back and create art that most people can only dream of .


A hobby you can be passionate about

Put your phone away and develop your creative side with CraftPen™.

Engraving and creating your own art is the perfect hobby and CraftPen™ is here to help you turn your ideas into reality .

Give your art a new dimension and let your imagination run free .


Unlimited possibilities

CraftPen™ uses small , fast and powerful rotations to engrave on over 50 different surfaces .

By simply holding your CraftPen™ like a regular pen and moving it over the surface you want to engrave, you can create detailed and precise designs on wood , stone , metal , glass , porcelain and much more .

CraftPen™ is battery powered and portable , so you can take your hobby wherever you want!


Equipped for professionals

Powerful engine

With a powerful motor that provides high speed and strong torque, you can easily engrave in any material.

Overload sensor

The built-in overload sensor, which clearly lights up in red when the motor is overloaded, protects the motor from overheating , extending its life and maintaining performance even during intensive use.

USB-C Flash Charge

With the lightning-fast Flashcharging, you can quickly and easily charge your CraftPen™, for up to 2 hours of uninterrupted work!


Perfect for everyone

The CraftPen™ is perfect for both beginners and experienced DIY enthusiasts.

You decide how complex or simple your works should be.

With CraftPen™ everyone can realize their imagination and create impressive patterns and designs .


Bring your ideas to life

Step into a creative world and let CraftPen™ be your guide.

Create , engrave , and inspire with endless possibilities .

CraftPen™ – turn your ideas into reality with precision and style !

The package includes:

  • 30 bits of different shapes and sizes for more detail
  • 5 polishing bits
  • 10 pieces of sandpaper
  • 2 drill bits of different sizes
  • 3 saw bits of different sizes
  • 2 lace bits
  • 1 steel brush piece
  • 1st saw bit attachment
  • 1 sandpaper bit attachment
  • 1 attachment for polishing bits
  • Details and specifications

    • The motor has 3 modes from 5,000 rpm to 18,000 rpm
    • Weighs only 50 grams
    • 120mm long - 17mm diameter
    • Lithium battery at 3.7 V
    • USB-C fast charger included
    • User manual with all details
Craft Pen™ - Portable engraving pen
Craft Pen™ - Portable engraving pen Sale price€50,00