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CleanReach™ Brush - Easily reach everything

Sale price€25,00

✅ Can reach any space in your home
✅ Firm but Flexible Bristles
✅ Comfortable Handle for less hand fatigue
✅ Compact design for easy storage
✅ Versatile cleaning for all areas of the house

The new way of cleaning!

Experience the convenience and satisfaction of a spotlessly clean home. The CleanReach™ Brush is the most effective way to  effortlessly clean all those hard-to-reach areas .

Robust and durable brush

The CleanReach™ Brush is equipped with a specially developed, super robust brush that effortlessly removes even stubborn deposits and dirt . Thanks to its slim and rounded design , this brush easily reaches all corners and crevices for a thorough cleaning.

Ergonomic grip

Fatigue and discomfort while cleaning are a thing of the past. Our ergonomically shaped handle provides a comfortable hold , making the brush comfortable to hold thanks to the well-thought-out design.

Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and more

Whether you're dealing with greasy kitchen surfaces, limescale in the bathroom, or dust and dirt in window crevices and keyboards, the CleanReach™ Brush is your best friend. No more frustration about places you can't reach.

Environmentally friendly

The brush is easy to clean and reusable, which contributes to waste reduction.

Feel good about your cleaning habits and help the planet at the same time.


The CleanReach™ Brush is the solution for anyone who struggles with hard-to-reach places and stubborn dirt. Experience the difference yourself and make cleaning a pleasure!

CleanReach™ Brush - Easily reach everything
CleanReach™ Brush - Easily reach everything Sale price€25,00