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Nexcel Cutting Board - the best investment for your health and kitchen

Sale price€40,00

The Last Cutting Board You'll Ever Need

✔️ Antibacterial & Odorless
✔️ Does not harm the knives
✔️ Dishwasher-Safe
✔️ Lasts a lifetime
✔️ Stain-Resistant
✔️ Toxic Chemical-Free

Will it damage my knives?

Titanium cutting boards are designed to be gentle on your knives while offering exceptional durability. Although titanium is much harder than most materials, it is still softer than the steel used in kitchen knives, meaning it will not dull your knives. The smooth, low-friction surface of the titanium also reduces wear on your blades and helps maintain their sharpness for longer.


Don’t Risk Your & Your Family’s Health…

While traditional boards have served us well, chefs are increasingly turning to titanium cutting boards for their added hygiene and durability. They're better at resisting bacteria and free from harmful chemicals.

Wooden Boards 🚫

The grooves and cuts in your wooden boards are the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and mold which can contaminate your food. No matter how much you scrub, these germs are trapped in micro grooves and accumulate over time.

Plastic Boards 🚫

These contain BPA's or harmful chemicals that leach into food during cutting. Plastic boards are susceptible to scratching, creating crevices where bacteria can hide and grow over time.

The Last Board You'll Ever Need

Titanium boards are exceptionally hygienic due its antibacterial surface. It's also incredibly durable, requires little maintenance, and is surprisingly gentle on your knives.

Gentle On Knives

Titanium, being softer than the steel used in most kitchen knives, ensures it won't dull your blades. The smooth, low-friction surface reduces wear, maintaining knife sharpness longer.

Naturally Antibacterial
The non-porous nature of titanium prevents bacteria, germs, and odors from penetrating the surface, making it easy to keep clean and free from contamination.

Lasts a Lifetime
Titanium cutting boards maintain their quality and performance through years of heavy use, making them a long-term investment for any kitchen.

Stain Resistant
You can be assured Titam doesn't leave any stains unlike wood which requires thorough cleaning.

Easy To Clean
Thanks to their smooth, non-porous surface, Titam is very easy to clean.

Nexcel Cutting Board - the best investment for your health and kitchen
Nexcel Cutting Board - the best investment for your health and kitchen Sale price€40,00