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Reusable microfiber cloth for the swiffer

Sale price€13,00

Do you know how much you are paying for disposable wipes?

Right! You need new cleaning cloths for the Swiffer, you realize when you see them in the store. 

Yes, yes, it costs SEK 70 for 12...

Of course you don't buy them very often when they cost so much. About SEK 6 per canvas is completely unimaginable. 

You really feel the pain of having to buy these disposable wipes over and over again. A bit of a waste of money almost. 

But we're here to say that it's not your fault you spent so much money on disposables.  Of course they only offer disposable products to make as much money as possible. 

This is where our reusable cloths come in.  They can be washed 150 times and therefore only cost 1 kroner per use! 

And what would it cost to use 150 disposable wipes? 

SEK 875!

The 5 main advantages 

  • For wet and dry use:  Use as either wet mops or dry dust mops.

  • Adaptability : Fits perfectly with Swiffer Sweeper mops and other mops up to 25cm in length, making them versatile for different cleaning tasks.

  • Effectiveness : Effective against all types of dirt, both wet and dry, including spilled drinks, dust and pet hair, without scratching sensitive surfaces.

  • Reusable and Economical : Machine washable and reusable, saving money over time compared to disposable cloths. Wash it at 40 degrees. 

  • Environmentally friendly : Reusable up to 150 times. Contributes to reduced waste and is a sustainable choice for the environment.

Fight Dirt without Worry

Designed to effectively take care of everything from spilled drinks to stubborn dust clumps and pet hair, these pads are gentle enough not to scratch your delicate surfaces.

Made of thick and high quality microfiber. Micro-grip technology captures dirt, dust, hair and absorbs water more easily.

Whatever the challenge, wet or dry, this reusable cloth gives your home the care it deserves.

A Smarter Way of Cleaning

By choosing these reusable pads, you take a step away from the disposable mentality and discover a more sustainable and effective method of cleaning.

Ideal for eco-conscious homes, these pads are a smart choice for a new era of cleaning.

Stand Up Against Waste

Take a stand against the environmentally and economically harmful disposable culture. With the reusable microfiber cloth, you make an active choice for the environment and your finances.

Each use reduces waste and saves money, which is good for both your family and our planet. Clean with the knowledge that you are doing the right thing for the future - choose the Microfiber cloth .

Please note that a swiffer mop is not included with purchase.


What do our customers say? 

Reusable microfiber cloth for the swiffer Sale price€13,00