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Shoe Cleaner: gently clean all types of shoes

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✦ Gently cleans all types of shoes in minutes.
✦ Saves time and removes 99% of dirt.
✦ Protects shoes and washing machine from damage.
✦ Extends the life of shoes.

Are you tired of cleaning shoes and worried about them getting damaged by losing their shape, fading or shrinking? 

We know how frustrating this can be. We've all been there!

Stop struggling with the hassle of hand-washing your favorite shoes. Using harsh materials like baking soda, charcoal, or chemical products may work for some stains, but they are harmful to your shoes and can often damage delicate materials as well as alter the shape of the shoes.

Our Kaliteas Laundry Shoe Bag is the world's first multi-layer laundry shoe bag, equipped with over 1000 soft bristles that remove 99% of dirt and grime from your shoes in minutes - without having to worry about damaging your washing machine.

Remove dirt from shoes effortlessly, in minutes.

Our laundry shoe bag features 1000 soft bristles inside, all working in harmony to ensure an effortless and ultimate cleaning experience.

These gentle yet effective bristles remove 99 % of dirt from your shoes instantly.

Unlike traditional washing methods that rely solely on water and detergent, our bristles provide targeted scrubbing motions that reach even the most stubborn stains.

Keep your shoes intact after every wash.

Avoid water damage, deformation or color fading.

The careful design of the Kaliteas shoe bag ensures that your shoes look like new after washing , without any deformation or color fading.

This is because the shoe bag allows gentle movement of the shoes during the wash cycle, ensuring thorough cleaning without exposure to harsh scrubbing or rubbing that can cause color fading, damage and loss of shape.

Suitable for all shoe types and sizes

Whether it's sneakers, sandals, kids' shoes or running shoes , this versatile laundry bag is designed to accommodate them all.

You don't have to worry about style or size compatibility. Its spacious and durable interior ensures that even bulky or oddly shaped shoes can be thoroughly cleaned without any hassle .

Shoe Cleaner: gently clean all types of shoes
Shoe Cleaner: gently clean all types of shoes Sale price€35,00 Regular price€60,00