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Vancesco Handmade Dinnerware Set

Sale price€87,00
Color:6 Pcs Dinner Plate

The handmade crockery set in a strudel design consists of 6/12 dessert plates Ø19.5 cm, 6/12 soup plates Ø20.5 cm, 750 ml, and 6/12 dinner plates Ø26.7 cm. The unique blue color scheme evokes blue skies and a pleasant vacation!

Extraordinary Appearance. The vancasso Ess tableware set is handcrafted from high-quality, environmentally friendly earthenware. It features an exquisite brown eyelash edge, a modern swirl design, a two-sided smooth glaze, and a unique, stylish blue color tone that creates a mild harmony.

Timeless Craftsmanship and Excellent Decoration. This series combines delicate hand-painted patterns, exceptional workmanship, and a variety of blue colors to create a fascinating maritime flair. It not only makes your table an absolute eye-catcher but also fosters a harmonious atmosphere.


Vancesco Handmade Dinnerware Set
Vancesco Handmade Dinnerware Set Sale price€87,00