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Clara Rhinestone Flower Block Heel Sandals

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A unique design for orthopedic sandals

The sandal's new design ensures a healthy, comfortable and safe posture during walking and running thanks to the special design of the heel. The sandals correct posture and eliminate muscle imbalances in the body, while balancing your feet perfectly when you wear them. In addition, the sandals are stylish and do not look like typical orthopedic sandals! Be healthy and stylish on your way!

Are you looking for the best support for long walks?

Our orthopedic sandals are perfect for supporting you during your daily walks. These fine orthopedic sandals are specially designed for people who want to live a pain-free life and walk again. No one wants to have heel spurs, foot or knee pain ruining their life.

The shoe is what you need:

Comfortable, perfect fit, arch support design, relieves plantar fasciitis.

A walk among the clouds, takes you away from the crowd | First class quality | Non-slip | Posture Correction | Even pressure distribution

Sandal corrects posture and eliminates muscle imbalance by balancing the feet at a perfect angle in relation to the starting position to restore the position of the skeleton.
Simply put them on and fit your feet around the toe buckle for better support.

The important invention used in this pair of sandals is that the sole with nano-foam will be transformed to fit and comfortable on all feet. So this is the most comfortable type of sandals in the world. 


Memory foam soles are highly adaptable, can move with your feet as you walk and absorb a lot of shock.

Our feet are our only support when we walk. The shape of the feet and the way we walk have a big impact on different parts of the body, which is why it is important to take care of your feet by choosing the best shoes to ensure correct posture.

With triple arch support and a soft sole that keeps your feet comfortable, safe and stylish!

It is light, but with a wedge-shaped design, you can walk more steadily and stand for hours without strain or imbalance.


What makes this shoe different?

  • Rocking arch support - The built-in arch support sole construction provides the perfect balance between strength and maximum comfort.
  • ArchComforting - The domed grooves raise the heel slightly to protect the ankle and conform to the arch to reduce pressure.
  • Posture Correction - Orthopedic insoles stabilize the heel and apply pressure to misaligned bones to achieve correction.
  • Breathable material - With soft and breathable upper and lining material, the sandals remove sweat and odor for all-day comfort.
  • Elegantly Thickened Heels - These shock-absorbing wedges stretch your legs to the perfect height.

First-class technical system

Our ergonomic cushioning sole reduces any shock that occurs when you take a step, so that every step is comfortable and smooth!

Clara Rhinestone Flower Block Heel Sandals Sale price€38,00