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Sanna Comfortable Sandals | Orthopedic sole

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Keep your feet happy and blister-free

Sanna Ortho sandals are perfect for a sunny summer walk. The memory sole provides unparalleled comfort, so you feel as if you are walking on clouds. These sandals provide excellent shock absorption with their padded heel, which helps relieve foot pain. The breathable mesh upper keeps feet dry throughout the summer and prevents odors and unpleasant blisters.

Pain-free walking

It's hard to enjoy the day when you have constant pain in your feet that causes discomfort. If you want to walk in the park or have lunch or dinner outside without foot pain, you need OrthoSandals. These sandals offer both comfort and style at the same time and will make walking this summer a fun experience. You will instantly fall in love with the Sanna Ortho sandals, your new favorite on-the-go sandals.


Cute and comfortable sandals

A versatile look that can complement any outfit in your wardrobe. You can walk for miles without feeling pain because these sandals are flexible and allow your feet to move effortlessly, which can improve foot mobility. There is no doubt that these sandals are the perfect sandals for summer, which is why they are loved by many and have helped many women improve their posture and stability.

Sanna Comfortable Sandals | Orthopedic sole
Sanna Comfortable Sandals | Orthopedic sole Sale price€32,00