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Blue Light Filter Glasses - PLAV

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  • No more irritated eyes
  • Work more productively & focused
  • Sleep better & more rested
  • Avoid headaches

Why you should protect yourself from blue light!

Smartphones, computers, televisions and more are now part of our everyday lives. On average, we spend more than 10 hours in front of a screen

These devices emit harmful blue light, which causes short- and long-term damage to our eyes. The consequences:  permanent headaches and eye pain, sleep problems, lack of concentration and a higher likelihood of long-term vision impairment. 

Protect your eyes from harmful blue light 

The blue light filter glasses from AMDOR filter the harmful blue light emitted from digital devices. It protects the retina of your eyes and prevents dryness and irritation . The glasses are absolutely suitable for everyday use and also protect against the blue light of the sun's rays. A stylish and comfortable accessory!  The protective effect occurs the moment you put the glasses on and is not affected by wearing contact lenses.


Potentially reduces headaches & migraines

The blue light from screens can not only be harmful to your eyes if consumed in excess, but is also in many cases an indicator of headaches and more severe migraines. By regularly wearing AMDOR blue light glasses, you can counteract these problems and significantly reduce them!

Improve your sleep - start your day fitter and more energetic!

It has been scientifically proven that blue light affects our natural sleep rhythm. It inhibits the sleep hormone melatonin, which influences when we get tired.  Intensive use of digital devices and contact with blue light, especially in the evening, can result in sleep problems such as difficulty falling asleep, restless nights and lack of energy.  Your benefits from wearing blue light filter glasses from AMDOR:

  • better sleep,
  • more restful & quiet nights,
  • fall asleep faster & more relaxed,
  • feel more rested & fitter

Better performance & more concentration for working in front of the screen

Whether for work, university or private purposes - the blue light filter glasses from AMDOR are the safest companion for working in front of the screen and are suitable as a stylish accessory.

This will help you avoid tired and irritated eyes and, above all, you will be able to work more relaxed and concentrated over longer periods of time . Eye pain and headaches will tend to be reduced and will enable you to be more focused and productive! 

Prevent general & age-related visual impairment

Excessive exposure to harmful blue light, especially from digital devices, can lead to inflammation of the conjunctiva and cornea  and, over time, to  eye diseases such as cataracts or macular degeneration (AMD)  .

With AMDOR blue light filter glasses it is possible  to reduce the risk of these diseases. 

By wearing glasses regularly, you can ensure the long-term health of your eyes and protect them from harmful blue light.


Blue Light Filter Glasses - PLAV
Blue Light Filter Glasses - PLAV Sale price€35,00
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