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The Official Curl™ Defining Brush

Sale price€23,00 Regular price€29,99

The most innovative and gentle brush made from high-quality materials that perfectly define your curls without frizz, static, and breakage.

🥳 Effortlessly detangles wet and dry hair
💗 High-quality, heat-resistant materials
🥰 Soft yet sturdy bristles
🤩 Reduces frizz and static leaving smooth hair

Introducing our exceptional custom-made, patented brush. Crafted from bio-based materials, specifically designed to enhance your waves, curls, and coils. This innovative 3-in-1 brush not only effortlessly smoothes your hair, but also creates well-defined clumps while preventing frizz. 

What sets this brush apart and makes it truly innovative is the "Edge" design crafted by our founder, Merian. The distinctive lateral edges of the brush play a pivotal role in effortlessly separating and smoothing curls for a remarkable styling experience.

By utilizing this brush during your styling routine, you can also achieve flawless results by wrapping your hair around the handle, resulting in elegant ringlets. Additionally, the handle features a sleek texture that doubles as a tool for creating perfectly straight, parted lines in your hair. 

The Official Curl™ Defining Brush
The Official Curl™ Defining Brush Sale price€23,00 Regular price€29,99