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🐕Safe and Comfortable Dog harness

Sale price€31,00

100% Effective Anti-Drag System

Our harness has an anti-pull ring at the front where you can attach your leash. This ingenious design prevents your dog from pulling ahead of you as it turns it back in your direction if it gets too far ahead.

Maximum adjustability for a perfect fit!

We understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect size and fit of a harness for your dog. Some are too loose and others too tight. The Hundsome harness has 4 adjustable points to ensure the most optimal fit for any, and we mean any, dog.


    Comfort like your dog has never seen before

    Unlike other harnesses, our harness does not chafe, rub against or have pressure points that make it uncomfortable for your dog. With a soft interior padding, this is a harness that your dog will have no problem wearing all day!

    🐕Safe and Comfortable Dog harness
    🐕Safe and Comfortable Dog harness Sale price€31,00