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Fresh storage bags - 100pcs.

Sale price€16,00
Tired of using plastic wrap to stick to your plates or food? We have a simpler solution! 
Anti-dust, anti-insect and anti-odor!

  • ✅ Expandable Lid: This provides great convenience as one size fits multiple sizes. Quickly cover and store, and you can see the items under the cover without removing the cover. Perfect for leftovers, picnics or barbecues.
  • ✅ Safe and Healthy: Using high quality HDPE/LDPE material, non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly and safe. It is safe to use in food masks. Waterproof, effectively prevent food from becoming wet.

  • ✅ Can be reused and cleaned: The food cover can be directly washed with water after use, and it can be reused after drying, which saves costs and is environmentally friendly.

  • ✅ Very suitable for outings: This set is really useful when you are preparing for a picnic or an outdoor family dinner. They can keep pests away from your food while you prepare and plate everything. They make it easy to clean and put away after the party! You can also add them to your camping supplies.

  • ✅ Great for the Holidays: You don't have to waste food on big events! Perfect for sharing with friends and family. It is quicker to use than traditional plastic wrap. Enjoy fresh leftovers for several days.
Fresh storage bags - 100pcs.
Fresh storage bags - 100pcs. Sale price€16,00
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